“An excellent program tailored to the individual. The coach was very supportive, and positive. I really would not have achieved my weight loss without the guidance given over the 24 weeks. Amazing opportunity to improve lifestyle”

“I was very nervous on week 1, especially with regard to the exercise – it was not easy!!. But I feel I am getting the hang of it and it has encouraged me to do more. Graham’s approach is excellent, humour does wonders. The information he provides vocally and in the handouts is so useful. Meeting other people who are all trying to get fitter also helps, we have something in common”

“During the 12 weeks it took half of it to get my head around it. When I did, I started motivating myself and getting myself to the gym, which I did and eventually achieved my goal. So now I have to carry on. Thank you”

“Graham has brought this exercise class to a new level. It is quite clear that he prepares and researches his handouts etc and they are very appropriate for the class. His passion and honesty is very apparent – it is not easy to take over from another Tutor (due to mindset, routine etc) and I think it fair to say that there was some initial unease with some of the clientele. Graham managed to turn that around and as a result has improved the quality of the group exponentially – you/we are lucky to have a tutor of this level and passion. This has been a very worthwhile course and the increase of the class size speaks for itself”          

“Graham is an amazing informative knowledgeable coach. His psychology information was what I needed to be able to do the nutrition, that I was going to struggle with. I found the whole programme fab and would recommend it to others. You unlocked the door. Thank you Graham”

“I have enjoyed the 12-week sessions and am looking forward to the maintenance programme. The coach and back up staff are excellent and I have met some very nice people. Thank you”

“This programme is an incredible resource for the public to be able to access and will certainly save the NHS in future treatment costs for those who have completed the programme. It has completely changed my life. Having had cancer 6 years ago I spent the time I wasn’t working inactive and over-eating unhealthy foods. By attending the Healthy Lifestyles classes I was motivated to start the small steps with my eating habits and to have the confidence to take up other forms of exercise. I feel I’ve turned the clock back 10 years within the last 3 months”

“Not always wanting to be weighed but did not shy away. Exercise part has been fantastic alongside the advice. Coach has always appeared to have said in meetings what I needed to hear – always felt it was directed at me. I have been to lots of groups for weight loss and never was it personal to me and never looked at root causes of weight gain until now”

“Graham was totally inspirational. I am now on a new healthy track. What’s more, I actually enjoyed losing weight and raising my fitness standard. I feel privileged to have been part of the group and can’t commend it highly enough”

“A wonderful service, sorry it has ended. Graham has been so supportive and helpful. His classes were amazing, the best I have ever had. A new life change for the better”

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